1: Tim Fuchs - Part I

Copyright © TFC Photography

Copyright © TFC Photography

Our host Kyle grew up with Tim and his wife in rural Northwest Iowa.  Tim is a photographer, cinematographer, owner of multiple businesses, husband and father of three. He does all this but photography wasn’t his first business. So how did he change his career at 40? In part one of this two part series Tim lays out his path to becoming a sought out photographer in rural Iowa.

You can reach out to Tim using any of the following links. Be sure to go and check out his work and following him on his Facebook to keep an eye out on what he’s shooting next.

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Episode Table of Contents

  • (00:00:00) - Intro

  • (00:02:30) - Welcome Tim Fuchs

  • (00:09:00) - The “F” You Contest

  • (00:14:40) - Break

  • (00:15:50) - Photography Hustling

  • (00:19:00) - Organic Marketing

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